excuses, excuses, excuses

Hello all – I know I know, where the hell have I been.  I have no school, no play, no babies – what’s my excuse?

I’ve been moving. 

Cleveland and I found a place together (and new date is July 14th by the way!), still in Santa Maria and I love it.  we’re still settling of course.  Sister gave us her old entertainment center however. . .we’re looking for a couch (regular size not love seat) and a table and chairs for the dining room.  Yah we have 3 fabu sets of dishes, great stemware, a media room dedicated to the over 1,000 movies and TV series we have, my pics everywhere on the wall and great bed and frame – but. . . no place for us to sit for dinner or place for guests to sit WHEN you visit.  If you know of anything out there that’s not expensive let me know maybe we can figure something out. 

Also my mom needs a CD burner.  Does anyone out there have one they’d like to sell me? or know of a place I can get one that’s not expensive?  Cleveland can install it to her computer but she does need one and needs to be soon.  If no one out there has one they can get rid of we’ll just go to Best Buy or something – but I always like to check here first.  =)

what else?  I’m in the middle of my 14th week of Weight Watchers.  I didn’t weigh last week, I was scared to see that I’ve gained during the move and eating out and shtuff – i wasn’t prepared to have the scale go up.  but I’m still trying.  Last time I checked I had lost 15.7 pounds. 

School starts August 22 – I can’t wait. . . (you can hear how I’m saying that for reals – i’m sure)

ps. totally gonna plug my sisters businesses.  She is a co-owner of Felicite (Fel-i-city) Photography (yes she’s a professional photographer) mostly weddings, she’s also done senior portraits and head shots, family portraits –  http://felicitephotography.com  She also sells Body Shop products – which are FAN-FREEGIN’ TASTIC. no seriously, so maybe we could have one of those body shop parties or something!!!! YAY!!!! and I know she has a website for this too – but I don’t have it, I’ll get it and post it though for all your body shop needs! yay!!!

gotta go – more things to do today.  and sisters bachelorette party is this weekend gotta do some last minute stuff.

thanks all, really. 

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  1. Check out http://www.freecycle.org/. You could possibly find FREE furniture on there, and you can even ask for stuff. We have gotten a free fridge and a free stationary bike, among other things.

  2. How I miss you. I’m SO happy to hear that you and Cleveland found a home! SO happy. I hope I will get to come see it someday. You two must be so happy. 🙂 There are only a few things that get me excited to go back to Santa Maria, but seeing you is one of them. Maybe we should start planning our sushi date now.

  3. umm yeah
    so i randomly ran into caitlyn (sp) last week, didn’t recognizer her then she started talking about my singing and i went ummmm okay whoa… who?
    oh yeah the dunes two+ years ago… got it….
    and she told me you were engaged, but it was on the hush hush…
    so whats up yani?

    • Re: umm yeah
      if someone says something is on the “down low” or hush hush why would you post it for all to see?. . . your answer?. . no – I’m not “engaged – engaged.”
      However we ARE going to have our wedding next summer, so there’s no ring yet like other “engagements”. there is the love of my life – me, our new place, school in a week and a half and life as we know is just moving forward.
      Caitlin is like someone else I know – you know you say something and it becomes something else and things don’t stay “secret” know what I mean? believe me if I was engaged I’d be screaming it out. 😉

  4. Okay…
    1. June 14th? Sooooooooo………..inquiring minds need to know!!!
    2. Congrats on the new place. Check out Craigslist. They have a bunch of stuff on there and a lot of it is fairly reasonable. You’re going to have so much fun living together!
    3. Your success has totally inspired me to join WW. I did it to lose weight before my wedding, but gained it back over the next few years. And now with my post partum body…EEEK! I checked out their website and they have a program for breastfeeding mamas. If I can be as successful as you’ve been, I’ll be a happy camper. Post some pictures!
    4. I sent an email to your sis’s place. We’re looking for some professional portraits of the J Man. (We’re being horribly neglectful in that respect. Four months and no professional head shots!)
    Good to hear that everything is going well. Keep writin’.

    • July 14, 2007 is our wedding date. we’re not “engaged with a ring” or anything, but we just know – you know?
      thank you craigslist
      yay WW!
      sister would be EXCELLENT at this – she has an AMAZING EYE!!!
      bye bye

  5. Should I still send the DVD to the Inger address you gave me, or should I use a different one?

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