School starts on tuesday.  Cleveland and I are still settling in.  We have a couch – a love seat we got for free from some of sisters friends and we’re looking for a chair for the living room as well and we’ll call that room done.  He’s still setting up the sound system – of course, and we still don’ t have a kitchen table and chairs but I haven’t been looking either.  We’ve just been working and unpacking for what seems like months has only been a little over 2 weeks.  he’s wonderful, he gets me.  he gets all my quarky attitude moments and he knows how to handle me in any emotional situation.  whether i’m crying because i’m mad or hungry, or if i’m bored or hyper.  He gets it, I’m lucky. 

Amy thank you for that websit link – its a fun place!!! and i’ll look there all the time now! so thanks and yay for your boots.

um. . . Kaza hope your bachelorette party weekend was fabU and that you received my recovery text message, sorry i couldn’t play though – got MY DRESS THOUGH!!!!! and it should be done being taken in by 8/29. 

i don’t know what else to say.  I’ve stayed at a loss of 15.6 pounds through Weight Watchers I’m sure once I get on a school/eating/gym schedule it’ll go down more.  i’m SURE of it – . . .DAMNIT IT MUST!!!!!.  so i currently weigh 191.2 pounds.  i know i must be crazy to actually post it, I have to be honest with myself you know?  And they largets I ever was , was 221 pounds.  Yuck.  BUT slowly and surely – DAMNIT IT MUST. . . i’m totally calm.

ok, gonna go help cleveland with whatever he needs help with in the living room.  ciao and. . . yah. bye. if i think of more i’ll let you know, and if I can help you – you let me know. =)

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  1. See you on Tuesday my dearest of dears!

  2. Well, I weigh your heaviest if not more right now…so 191.2 sounds great to me…sigh. Will we ever see you again? Your nephew changes everyday! We miss you Auntie Fishy!

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