School started last week on the 22nd.  Thus far its only been 2 classes.  A second year project  on Bertolt Brechts “The Chalk Circle” and a Viewpoints Intensive Workshop (movement) .  We’ll start more classes this saturday and auditions for the winter season are on tuesday September 5, 2006.  I’ll be singing “Bring on the Men” and my monologue is from a book called “Til we eat again, confessions of a diet dropout” by Judy Gruen.  Friggin’ hilarious book by the way for those looking for something light and fun.  Auditions are for the Interplay Festival which is several short plays read aloud (i believe) in front of an audience. . . like readers theatre style i think – somethign like that. i’m not even sure – sorry. The big one is “Suessical the Musical” i haven’t read it yet – sorry, haven’t listened to it, sorry.  but it WILL be a fun musical for the whole family so be sure to come see it (if i’m in it. . . ) and i’ll keep you posted on that. 

I’m actually going to talk to the conservatory director and casting director about next semester casting because i’ll be planning a wedding and though i know it will be a great opportunity to understudy resident equity artists in a professional theatre setting i might want to not be considered for casting. that’s ONLY A MIGHT. . . by the way.  its just somethign i’ve thought about and want to talk to the school about. 

And just so we’re all on the same page. . . no, there is no ring signifying an engagment.  there is the love of my life and a date.  no place yet and that’s somethign i’m supposed to find quickly apparently.  any and all ideas welcome.  at first i wanted it inside but outside is now optional. . . so give me some options please.

alright – time to finish a little homework then off to bed.

ps. here is my current headshot  =)  comment if you so desire

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  1. the font of your name is very you!
    I can’t explain it but I don’t think it would speak to my name as well as yours. ps nice picture too ;-p

  2. WEDDING. CONGRATULATIONS. (I like the face in the head shot but the hair leaves a bit to be desired. kind of greasy/overly product-ed(?) looking, and I know your hair doesn’t look like that. Agree with the font comment, it’s nice). WEDDING. MY GODNESS. MY. OH. MY. CONGRATULATIONS!

  3. its so you
    what i mean is…….its totaly beautiful!…..lemme know if you need a dj for your wedding/reception……can you minister at your own wedding?….lol

    • Re: its so you
      See me please about Jen and James’ wedding…Love you much

      • Re: its so you
        jen and james are getting married?. . . i’ve only been in school 2 weeks when did this happen???
        i’ll get to you and the caper this week – damnit i will!!!!
        and all of a sudden i’m thinking of looking at the monday club – depends on a few things though, so we’ll see.

  4. Okay…places, There are so many, we shall talk…as for the head shot, I agree that the font is Fan-Tab-ulous…however, and you know I love you, I don’t care for the way your hair falls over your forhead…picky? Yes, but you know that about me already. So, no, I like you past ones better….still love me? P.S. Your nephew is huge, you need to see him soon or you won’t be able to recognize him. Love you

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