the times

The cast list for Suessical the Musical will be posted on sunday the 10th, i’ll let you know

my sister’s wedding is in. . . 35 days – SO excited!!!!!!!!!!!

homocoming this year is sunday september 24th hosted by yours truly King Aiyani and Queen Matt.  This is where I need your help.  I need costume ideas.  remember boys dress as girls, girls dress as boys.  be creative, be charming, be all that wonderfull stuff that I”m not – and then please comment to tell me.

I had a WONDERFUL time at Loke’s the other night having wine with ladies and telling stories and chatting with mandy was especially superb, and Mandy i’m still serious about your book title.

I got to see Atreyu and Nahnnah this day and Pete for 2 seconds but it was so nice to see them.  I’m working on finding a balance this year between my life at PCPA and my life outside of it, and so far its working out just grand, things are working out just as they should be and instead of questioning or over analyzing I take stuff and move forward.  I feel empowered and free and I’m learning more every day about who I am and the kind of people that are apart of who I am now, and who I will be.  It’s also been interesting weeding out those who don’t seem to have a place anymore in my life, it’s different but its okay and life moves forward, and that’s ok because change is good as long as you own it.

i have an early WW meeting tomorrow I have to go to because I have class during the other available times.  I don’t think I’ll weigh in though, I know my body is just carrying more this particular week – i’m sure you catch my drift but you never know.  i might be brave tomorrow.  my new favorite phrase is “what if. . . ” and my fuel is that a teacher i respect told me I was fierce.

off to nodville

ps. remember to post your ideas for costume for me 

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  1. “change is good as long as you own it.”
    I’m stealing that.
    I’m having costume troubles myself, but here’s an idea: You go as John Mayer and I go as Paul McCartney. Just a thought.

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