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the subject title reminds me of a skarieokie CD from long ago – hi Kevin.  😉

Suessical the Musical at PCPA has cast me as a Fish and as The Zebra.  I have no idea what that means, it means I’m an ensemble member though and if and when you decide to go see a play this winter at PCPA rest assure, I’ll be in it.  only reason not to be in it – very VERY ill, or very VERY injured.  neither of which we are hoping for – ok folks?  Being  a fish and a zebra (not at the same time) will take some serious studying though. . . and or I’m going to wear black and white at every zebra rehearsal i can and hopefully get my hands on some zebra leg warmers.  that would be fun. Best part for me though is I am NOT UNDERSTUDYING ANYONE.  That’s right NO ONE. . . I don’t have to understudya ANYBODY.  I’m very pleased with that, and they’ve also assigned me as the Dance Captain, which actually is a big deal considering it is a professional theatre company, these are equity actors and it will be a lovely addition to my resume. 
Nahnnah i’m sure the fact that I am Auntie Fishy is even MORE fun now.  ps , lovely to see you the other night.  seriously.  lovely.

Kaza got married this last saturday on the 9th . . . and I think that’s all i’m allowed to say. 

The peanut (jen law’s baby Jacob Jude) is turning 1 year old on the 19th and I get to see him on the 17th and am excited about that. 

Sisters Bridal shower was yesterday the 10th and was absolutely WONDERFUL, I love being her maid of honor it’s SO much fun for me and we already know next year she’ll be my matron of honor so its fun to see how things work.

Homocoming is on the 24th, I need a costume so if you have ideas please put them in the comment box.  Boys dress as girls, girls dress as boys. 

um. . .

I think that’s it for now. Have a wonderful week and wish me luck as school begins to pick up and rehearsal start in 2 weeks I believe.

AND.  John Mayer is NO LONGER dating Jessica Simpson, thank you to everyone who wanted to call and worn me and be there for me when the scandal was released. (lol).  Of course we all know that the universe. . .the energy in the universe had told John I was no longer available and so he went to the opposite side of the spectrum (sp?) and dated her for a hiccup.  His last “high profile” lady friend was Jennifer Puke Hewitt and we all know that didn’t last long either.  AND John’s new CD “Continuum” will be released tomorrow 9/12/06 so be sure to pick it up at your local green apron (yes we’re selling it, which of course means I get a discount!!!!!) when you stop to get your coffee.

Signing off, a lil homework before sister and Ma T T come over (read that as M.A.-double T) bye!

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  1. I’m a FLAMINGO!!! You knew that. I’m just way too excited about it. I’m so happy you’re our dance captain. You’ll be so level headed and actually know what the heck is going on. Yay! I did lots of research about flamingos today. Their daily activities include feeding, preening, bathing, social activites and resting. And they’re pink. And they talk a lot. Typecasting, much?

  2. YAY!!! Auntie Fishy s a fishy!!!! Oh i am so excited! I am soooooooo excited! Maybe the baby will be old enough to actually take to the show…hmmm…we shall see…yay!!!
    And it was more than lovely to see you…We should do it as often as possible…I love you

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