the calendar

May 23 – Jeffrey left to work in Santa Rosa for 2 months
June 9 – the Day I got to the Central Coast for 2 months (took a leave of absence from school for 60 days)
July 10 – the day Jeffrey was driving from Santa Rosa to Vista and he decided he did not want to stop by and talk to me or see me
July 14 – our 2 year anniversary, the first time he told me this wasn’t working for him
August 8 – the day I returned to Vista and Jeffrey told me he missed me and he was sorry he didn’t stop by in July
August 11 – the day he said he actually didn’t miss me he only said that because he thought he had too, and the second time he said this wasn’t working, and he wants a divorce
August 16 – the day I tell my family the news and that I don’t know much more and I can’t seem to answer any questions because MY questions haven’t been answered either….because he NEVER comes home – he stays with his friend…Ashley, whom he has apparently known for years but I’ve never met her and most recently they’ve been “hanging out a lot”
August 18 – the day I told my close friends via email about his decision and what steps I am taking to care for myself.
August 28 – the filing of the joint petition for a summary dissolution for Jeffrey Warren and me.  Marking 2 years and  45 days.
August 28 – I look into the forms for an Uncontested Dissolution so I don’t have to wait 6 months before sending in another piece of paper that says “yah, we’re not together anymore – thanks” but in more legal terms.
August 28 – the day I kept packing and packing when I found receipts from what looks like a “date night” from the Wild Animal Park, to dinner at Pat & Oscars
August 28 – reality check
August 28 – refer to the previous post and try to stay focused
August 28 – make myself eat something

August 29 – ……

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  1. don’t know what to say
    I know you and I aren’t extremely close, but I do read each and every post you write and I do care what happends to you. I thought moving back to Vista was a good thing, I’m sorry this didn’t work out for you. I’m there if you need to talk, but I would assume you’d need to surround yourself with family. do so. but know I’m quietly rooting for you in the background.
    *sending good vibes your way*

  2. My dear Nani…
    I love you so very much and I want you to know that I am supporting you even all the way from New Mexico. I hope you got the e-mail I sent you today. If not, I’ll copy and paste like I did last time.

  3. Hello.
    I am so sorry to hear that things broke down for you.
    I hope things go well and that you realize how loved you are.

  4. Just breathe. Your chosen family is here and waiting with open arms…and cell phones turned on for any day and or time…I love you…hold in there. I will see you tomorrow.

  5. Aiyani,
    I know that it is a strange and heavy-hearted feeling when you realize that sometimes love is just not enough to keep two people together. But then you must think that there is a reason for the way things happen? I genuinely hope that your case will be some spectacular reason for being apart from the person you love deeply.
    With all the sincerity and love I could muster,

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