Happy Birthday John

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday dear John (Mayer)
Happy Birthday to You

John, for 5 years I’ve celebrated your birthday and this year has been no different.  This year I made chocolate cupcakes and yellow cupcakes with vanilla frosting and took them to school with me.  All the girls, including my teachers and I sang Happy Birthday to you.  And then I text messaged just about everyone in my phone "Today is John Mayer’s Birthday.  Find a way to celebrate"  and have selected to give some response awards.  They are as follows: 

Most Motherly Response:  "You goof-ball" – Kate Dore-Davis
Most Icky Response:  "I could take a celebratory poo"  – Antoan
Worst Response:  "But I don’t care about John Mayor" – Jameson (and yes he spelled your name like that)
Most Flattering Response:  "Without you in his life he’s gotten a bit full of himself" – Sergio
By Far the Best Response:  "I will stand naked in a vat of cherry jello and dream of him singing ‘Your Body is a Wonderland’ to me" – Jason Champeau

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  1. I thought that was from you 🙂 Now you are in my phone.

  2. Aw, Jason. I haven’t seen himr in years. We used to hang out in the English lounge a lot at Poly.

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