Today I got a massage from Cincinnati.  That’s her nickname:  Cincinnati.  Her real name:  Carrie .  And she’s lovely and wonderful and I’m sad she wasn’t in my life until last summer.  Although YEARS ago we semi-knew each other and that was marinated in the drama of my second boyfriend laced with some he said/ she said crap.  Most importantly, NOW – 10 years after that drama we love each other.  We are SOO much alike and sassy and it’s nice.  It’s nice to be around her and know I can trust her.  I can trust more than I can trust some people I’ve known for longer.  

Best proof of our friendship:  we got matching tattoos.  Thanks. 

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  1. Whaaat? You got a new tattoo? I would like to see, please.

  2. I’d look at it 🙂

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