I’ve been catching up on Smallville. My sister let me borrow her seasons 7 and 8. I was so stoked when Lana left, I couldn’t stand her. I’m sad Lex is gone though. UGH, and THEN Lana CAME BACK and I’ve been wanting to throw things at the TV for the past few episodes. Super Lana, are effing kidding me???!!!! puke. Shame on you writers of Smallville. hahahaha

Today I did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I have submitted over 40 resumes over the past few days. I have cried I have laughed. I’ve lost, I have…not won anything yet but hopefully I’m getting there.

I’m going to Captain & Kathryn’s wedding in 2 days, yay,

Thanks to Sergio for introducing to me French Lessons Online via the I’m already having fun.

And, I’m gonna try to write in here more, so that when I look back I have memories to read about. Even if it’s short like this with an almost bullet-pointed version of my day, or the past week. I want to be consistent. I have so much on my mind, no reason I can’t jot it all down here.

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  1. You might see if you can borrow What Color is Your Parachute? from the library. It’s got a lot of good advice about effective job hunting and also about understanding what sort of work you’d be most happy with. Since you seem to be in a transition period in your life, you might find it very useful. The 2010 edition just came out.

  2. you should keep writing! it keeps me entertained on the road to see how everyone is doing, I may not comment every post, but I read them!

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