Continued Countdown

3 days 10 hours 57 minutes

Until my flight takes off.

I have to date shipped 14 boxes to NY.  These are not large boxes, these are not super heavy boxes.  I’d say they range from small to medium boxes and the heaviest has been 17 pounds.   I have about 5-6  more to send and I’ll be set.  It still only feels a little real.  Hugging people stopped being weird or sad.  That “tug” is not there, right now.  It seems more likely to hug someone and hear them say “Good Luck” or “Have a great time” or “Good luck on this new adventure” more than “I’ll miss you”  or “I can’t believe you’re going”  and it’s actually very very nice.  I understand my friends and family will miss me, they also support me and this decision, there for it is not a “sad” goodbye. And, nor is it forever.  I know I’m committing to NY for 2 years for school, if not a bit more.  Shrug.

After that I may stay put, I may go to the UK, I may get a contract on Broadway, I may get on a tour, I may take a year off for my brains sake.  Who knows.  What I do know is that I don’t have to worry about it right now.
Right now I’m full from my Favorite Chicken with rice and corn.  I’m full from the Traditional Mersai Birthday cake.  Right now I have  fun pictures to look at on my NEW CAMERA.  My old camera took a tumble last saturday and busted, and my new Lovey, K, bought me a new one.  He said I need to be able to document my last week here and my time in NY.  No, I have not named the new Camera yet.  George was stolen in 2008, Ruby just took a tumble and broke, I don’t know what will come of this new one.  but he will be named.  Yes, my camera is a boy.  =)  Right now I’m looking at photos taken by Jen Kuester, owner of Jennifer Olson Images or JOI who has a great package right now that includes prints.  How awesome is that?  I’m not ready to give out the pass code for our pictures, I’d like K and I to look and enjoy them before letting the world in on it. But rest assured, I WILL let you in on it. Right now I’m planning my day tomorrow and putting it on my calendar so the right people can view it and know what’s goin’ on with me.  Right now, I’m tired and ready for sleep.

Today was a good day.  I woke up next to my lovey, had lunch with my friend Chelsea, bought a new pair of zories and I bought a butterfly ring for only $5.  Sweet Sauce

I already have a part time job to jump into upon my arrival.  I start to train on Tuesday, May 4th so wish me luck.  The transition for me is going to the be easiest out of all of my friends have made this leap.  I am thankful for the fully developed and paved road with brand new signage on it pointing me safely in the right direction that all of them have worked on and I understand I will have some dues to pay, but I’m, again, thankful it will be a bit easier for me.   I’m thankful of such a great family connection, good friends that support me and have my back and hold my hand when I need them too.  I’m thankful for K being so encouraging of my going to New York and attending school and I feel like this time physically a part will really test us and our friendship foundation.  Words will carry a lot of weight and patience will be tested because we can’t have conversations face to face (not including skype…you know what I mean).  But I’m not afraid or worried, I feel very good about going, I feel good about him and me and “us” and I feel good about whatever life will become in the next 2 years.

And soon it will be both my Wife’s birthday and my friend Cincinnati.  (Like 30 minutes…soon)
And next week it is Antoan’s Birthday and I will be able to celebrate it with him for the first time in over 10 years.

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