“Hello…I Live Here” – Carrie Bradshaw, SATC The Movie

Monday May 3, 2010 I woke up at 6:40am and put my traveling clothes on and zipped up my suit case and waited for my Mammie to come pick me up and take me to Santa Barbara. She was right on time and we were off. We stopped in Santa Maria for coffee, neither one of us could talk or do anything until caffeine was involved. I got a Grande Cinnamon Dolce Latte from a Santa Maria Green Apron, a beverage that Colin says “tastes like stale Christmas” and that’s funny.

I got to the airport around 8:45 and checked my one bag and sat with my Mammie outside in the beautiful Santa Barbara weather on a bench for a while. After about a half hour I had to go through security and get to my gate. Mammie said she couldn’t watch me so she hugged me and walked to her car. I love my Mammie. She cried, I knew she would. She’s not sad for me, she’s happy for me but of course I’m her baby and she wishes I was closer. She’s very supportive of my move and my acceptance to school, but I know it has to be hard for her.

Went through security, and passed with flying colors, oh good! I sat and read “Burned” for a bit. Burned is the 7th book in the House of Night Series and K bought it for me before I left because he loves me and wants me to have stuff I want to read, available to read. That was lovely of him. He also bought me 2 other books I wanted to read that Stephanie originally let me borrow but I didn’t get to them before I left. So I am also excited to read THOSE.

Got on the plane sporting my Sketchers Shape Ups, a pair of Wally World blue jeans and a black Web Associates T-shirt. I had a window seat and had taken Dramamine an hour before so I was ready to sleep. That stuff is…AMAZING. Helps me not get motion sickness and normally knocks me out too, making the plane rides faster. I went from Santa Barbara to LAX with an hour layover, not bad at all. I had a double cheeseburger and medium fries from an airport burger king for $6.67 and I sat texting and trying to stay awake. That Dramamine can be strong sometimes!

We get on the plane. I flew American Airlines and I was asleep before we took off. I slept for about 3 hours of the flight. Which was helpful. Then I just read. I landed at JFK around 8:15pm and Antoan met me at Baggage Claim to take me “home.” P.S. He looks AMAZING. He’s been running a lot and has lost a lot of weight, he is an inspiration. We took the Air Train to the Subway and went home where I walked up 5 flights of stairs and screamed when I saw Ro and Matt. She gave me the tour and when she opened the door to my room is was perfect. . .

The walls were painted a dark, deep purple and I instantly felt spiritual and at home. The floor is tile and I have a CLOSET! It is my understanding that most bedrooms in NY do not have built in closets. You have to get those…roll around, build a closet – closets. AND the room was bigger than I anticipated. The girl before me left her futon mattress so Ro bogarted it for me, bought me 2 pillows and a set of sheets and some other “welcome home” stuff like slippers and shampoo, conditioner and body wash. There were candles lit in my windowsills and I squirmed a bit. I was SO excited to have my own room, my own space and in New York. I’m so happy to be here!!

I dropped my stuff and Ro, Antoan and I went to Greenwich Village, which I guess is called “West Village” (i’m learning I’m learning”) and went to a place called Daddy-O for burgers and drinks. Our waitress, excuse me – our “server” was…wired…or spun out. She spoke a mile a minute and actually spoke over us. She constantly forgot stuff and didn’t listen when we actually opened our mouths BUT, Iate a burger with cheese, mushrooms and bacon on it and tater tots and I was a happy camper. It was 11:15pm by now and I hadn’t eaten since LAX at 11am. Granted it wasn’t REALLY 12 hours for me, but it was still 9 hours and it was still too long to go without food. Then we went to some pub where Ro likes and we had another celebratory cocktail then eventually headed home.

Once home everyone went to their respected bedrooms and I logged on to the internet and quickly wrote “I live in New York” as a status update on facey-space then typed to Terry Sue briefly and by then it was 4am NY time and I was finally tired. I stumbled awake around 11am, thinking I’d slept the day away, then forgave myself because I’m still use to it being 8am.

I woke up, and went to the kitchen where I found Antoan pouring coffee and smiled and said, for like.. the 10th time already “Hello…I live here” a la Carrie Bradshaw and smiled. He smiled back and got me a mug for coffee. I made some instant oatmeal and we sat at the cute little table in the kitchen on some cute stools and just, chatted. It was awesome. While siting there the door buzzer rang and it was UPS and another shipment of my stuff came. I have received a total of 14 of my 20 boxes and I successfully unpacked my closet. Later i took a shower, first shower in NY and Ro, Antoan & I went to Target in the Bronx (hehehe) to get a few things. We came home, Ro made Pina Coladas and we watched Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet Tour on DVD in Antoan’s room. Matt made dinner, yum and now it’s midnight, here…in NY…where I live…oh – and I have a cold. Did I already say that? hmmm. It’s just from the traveling, I’m sure, but none the less I can’t really breathe, I cough from time to time and my throat is sore.

So instead of calling my wonderful boyfriend back in SLO,CA I’m chatting with him, it hurts to talk, and soon I’ll go to bed and sleep.

Tomorrow, Central Park and other stuff. And Thursday the rest of my boxes should be here. I’ll eventually get a frame for my futon, or upgrade to a bed-bed (it’s a bigger deal when you say it twice) and i’ll look for a dresser and something to put my DVD’s on.

I start school in September, and I start training for work at Ro’s restaurant this thursday. No vacation or downtime, we move right into the life and times. =)

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