hungover from Nyquil

Day 3 of this cold. Boo. But I took 2 doses (totally 4 tbsp) of Nyquil last night and finally could breath a bit and sleep. I took one does around 9:30pm, and another at midnight. I felt hungover when I woke up this morning and was texting Antoan, who was already at work by this point, and I believe I fell back asleep in the middle of a text, woops.

Yesterday Antoan and I went “downtown” and walked around a bit, I saw where he works, I saw Madisson Square Garden, that building is HUGE and all of a sudden we were walking around in Chelsea. I’m starting to get a better understanding of where things are and a small understanding of how to get there. Both Ro and Antoan are being very patient and explain the same thing to me over and over if they have to. Read the signs, remember what direction your going in and I’ll probably get a little map of the trains as soon as possible, something to memorize before school starts.

Speaking of looks like I can take a bus there the whole way. An hour ride though, but at the same time I’ll have a book to read with me perhaps and I won’t have to drive in the craziness of this place.

These. People. Drive. Crazy. Horns are always honking at people or other cars that are not driving fast enough, or they’re honking at the cars trying to not hit the people that are ALSO crazy for walking across the street when it is MORE than clear it’s not their turn. I’ve come to already understand that if you need to cross the street, even if it’s not your turn, and there isn’t a car close to hit you – you need to cross the street. Who knows when you’ll get another chance. hahahaha. I purchased a Metro Card for the subway, and I guess it works for the bus system too, I’ll have to double check, but I have my own and that makes me cool.

Then Antoan took me to Central Park, the south end. Of course that park is GINORMOUS and we walked around for about an hour. I took pictures of different bridges and just looked at the beautiful green landscape. And of course, I people watched a bit. We got ice cream and water from a little vendor and walked around. There is true magic in that park, and I’m thankful to get to be close enough to visit it whenever I want. I want to find a special pretty place that I can take a picture in of me during each season, I think that would be fun. We saw people on carriage rides and Antoan said we would have to do that. We laughed because we are going to do stuff that couples do, but he’s my best frienchy (that is correct) and we do everything we can together.

Of course, if my lovey was here I would want to do everything with him, as well. hahahah They are my two favorite men! Family not included, and I want to experience everything I can hear. So I do my best to tell K what I’m doing, how I’m doing and he’s so encouraging and supporting. I don’t know how, but he even made me feel like he was taking care of me while I’m sick, while we were on the phone. I love him. hehehe

Eventually Antoan and I headed home. Later in the evening we walked over to Rite Aid for a couple things and he showed me the nearest grocery store, in addition to the bodegas around and about, then we were home for the evening. I ate chicken soup with dumplings and watched Glee! With my fellow Club members in CA watching it was like we were watching it together, and that was nice. Then I caught up on Lost. WHAT THE HELL?

I took my Nyquil, as you read above and finally went to sleep.

Today I will do nothing but rest. Well, later tonight I fill out paper work at Ro’s restaurant, but during the day today…nothing. probably a nap. I need to be done with this cold. There are still hundreds of thousands of places in the Park to see and take pictures of, museums to experience, shows to see and…sigh, I can’t go out and play if I’m feeling SICK. it’s okay, cause there’s time – because I LIVE HERE.

19 of my 20 boxes have made it so far. Last one should arrive later today or tomorrow. Yay. I still need to find a dresser and put my DVD’s on something, but all in good time. And it’s not like money grows on trees, so patience is important – for now. hahahahha

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