2 Advil, One for each foot

UGH…Remind me to tell you about this weekend. But right now, it’s 2am, and I’m tired. I still haven’t adjusted to the time difference, but the odd hours I sleep and go to the restaurant are also not helping I’ll get there, BUT…remind me to tell you about the ridiculousness.

In other news, nicer news, my lovey looked up close Indian restaurants for me for when I have a curry-craving, he’s so thoughtful.

Also, I got a voicemail from Kitten today. I actually love voicemails because I get to hear your voice. AND, most people don’t leave typical or normal messages. Lots of the messages I get, or at least used to get came across almost like a brief story telling session or an actual conversation that…while listening TO the message I could actually carry on a conversation as if you were there. hahahah oh yay. at any rate, Kitten called me, and I saved it hehehehe Now I can hear her voice WHENEVER WANT.

My feet HURT

I got to have chocolate mousse today, yum

The guy I wanted to by a bed frame, mattress and bedding from didn’t return my email, boo – so it’s probably gone now, back to the drawing board. I’d like to get a bed and a dresser and a couple wall shelves in here.

UPS has not delivered a box that should’ve been here thursday with the rest of them, so if I don’t get anything tomorrow, they’ll be hearing from me – and trust me, they don’t want to hear from me. I’d like my box, the contents of the box I like and do not want to have to replace.

I got to talk to my Maaaammmm today, well I should say ‘she got’ to listen to me yap about my learning my job and shtuff. although I don’t know if that was so great for her; listening to me yap, but I appreciated her letting me.

Did I mention my feet HURT??

K has encouraged me to find foot stuff for-which-to-make my feet not hurt so much, and to baby them and care for them a bit more. It is very sweet and cute how much he wants to look out for me, even though he is far away. Such a good guy.

And my shins hurt a bit too.

I have taken the train, the bus, a yellow cab and a gypsy cab this week at various times to various places. And after this very long weekend, this very long and difficult weekend, Ro and I were in a cab coming home from work and Miss Keyes came on the radio singing my current anthem Empire State of Mind Part II. It made me feel like it was going to be okay.

The 2 advil I took (one for each foot…) has finally kicked in. I. Am. Sleep.

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