Fifth day of Vacay, Vegas (or how to drink your mom under the table); 6/11/2011

Remember…I never finished all these vacation stories.  I have these notes, and because I don’t want to keep this in the “draft” section, I’m going to bullet point the rest of my vacation days from my June 2011 visit

* We slept until 11am.  It’s because we stayed out and partied with Paul, you know how Vegas can be.

* Ma and I made it downstairs after showering and getting ready for the day.  We went across the street to a cute coffee house called The Beat Coffee House and Record Store.  We ate Baked french toast, eggs and potatoes.  I had a coconut mocha.  Super yummy.

* We walked around the downtown area, I bought a fun hat and my Maamm bought me and my sister these dresses that wrap in different ways.  They. Are. So. Cool.

* I pooped at the Golden Nugget.  No really, and that’s the name of the Hotel–thanks.

* We heard pretty music and followed it to a bar upstairs where everyone on the patio was listening to the music, and smoking.  But the a/c was in INdoors and the bar was empty. So we took to the bar.  Ma ordered and I ordered a Jamie n Ginger then said “And don’t be shy with that whiskey, I may be a lady but I don’t drink like one”  The bartender smiled and said “gotcha”

*  We had 2  rounds and Noah, our bartender, bought us a round and we had the Brain Hemorrhage shot.  It looks so gross–tastes sweet though.  Ma was totally grossed out, but she drank it like a champ.

* Ma was typsy by then, I wasn’t even warm

* We made it back to the hotel room after a bit of small shopping.  I got shot glasses for the Housemates and Mystery Man.  Ma got Smurf and Rik and Double-T presents, too

* We drank more and hung out and talked more.  Then decided to have dinner at the steakhouse downstairs.  I wore a dress

* I had filet mignon with garlic mashed potatoes.  Ma had prime rib and asparagus.  We had a bottle of wine that was free with our purchase.  And we shared a creme brulee dessert.  YUM.  Ma got drunk (heheheh) and I was fine.  She went to sleep soon after we arrived home and I spoke on the phone with the Mystery Man for 2 1/2 hours.  It was lovely.  I never went downstairs to play roullette, like I planned. The smell of that lobby just…frightened me.

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