Just a little snippet

I’m eating Chinese food from the place downstairs.  Orange Chicken combination platter.  I’ve lived here for almost four years and I haven’t enjoyed other chinese places as much as I’ve enjoyed the place downstairs.  Shrug.  Perhaps I’m just a creature of habit.

School is in it’s third week.  I will need to really invest my brain for 2 of the 6 classes I have.  The others are technique classes, lab (practice), and tai chi.  I’m enjoying the semester already.  although my brain will need to be involved for all classes, four of them I’m comfortable with and eager to learn.  The other two are Neurology and Kinesiology.  So–enough said.  And breath.

Work is slow right now.  Winter’s tend to be slow, and snow and wind keep people away if they can’t be out and about anyway.  But–I have a job, I love it, I’m good at it, and I do have people coming in.  During down times I clean and read and study.  It’s very good.

I’m in the end of season four of Sex and the City.  Sometimes I have to go back and watch the whole series again, then the movies.  Shrug.  Today is monday, I started watching last sunday.  What can I say, the episodes are short and I can bust thru a whole disc in one night once I get home. heh.

I’m approaching February and preparing to introduce exercise back into my life.  I re-ordered my Winsor Pilates discs I had before.  I really liked them, and did well them so they were/are important.  I have my gym membership, and the gym is just down the hall.  And there is karate and yoga and dancing.  There is much I can introduce again.  Slowly but surely.  I will not rush, I will not exhaust or over exert.  I will enjoy.  I will learn.  I will re-learn.  I will listen to my body.  I will listen when it can do more, and when the old-injuries say to stop and wait.  I will be patient.


In annoying news: every so often (and lately a bit too often) I think of facial expressions my ex’s used to make.  It’s out of no where.  It’s typically in no relation to my current feeling, or a current situation, it just pops into my head.  And it DRIVES ME INSANE.  Then I just get pissed that I dated them at all.  I don’t like they exist in my mind still, it’s crowded.  I have enough on my mind about me and my life without their ghosts invading.  The good thing is, I don’t relive abusive moments.  I don’t really remember certain conversations that I know at the time were extremely important and I just knew I’d never forget their words or mine…I just remember these facial expressions.  And they were ugly.  hahaha They were annoying faces.  Distorted, or attempts at flirting. They way they’d scrench their face up in confusion, or surprise even. …or even smile…yikes.  It would seem the guys I’ve dated, at least in the past say ten years–were not as cute as I had hoped, or thought.   Makes me question my taste.  ::::I’d like to add, this does not include the guy I most recently dated.  Since we were never titled, we only dated briefly, he is separate from my schpeel about exes.  Blegh.


Now I feel like I should say something positive to take myself back out of that icky, annoying stuff.  hmm….(looks around room).  My bills are hung up on the cork board…that’s not positive–but it’s the truth, and a reminder that I’m in a place where I can pay them down.  I LOVE MY BED.  There.  That’s a good one.  I put on fresh, clean sheets, it’s super dooper comfy, and I don’t have to share it with ANYONE.  (smiles).  Yes, I believe that did it.

Goodnight, Neverland.


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  1. i loved reading this just now, reading things like this reminds me how much we are alike in the way we think, thanks for my friend “empress”…#Karaoke #Rocks

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